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Adult Kungfu



Adult kungfu training starts with the same warm-up, conditioning and basic forms practise as the children's classes.  In general adults take much longer to attain the core strength and flexibilty required for no-handed cartwheels and head flips... so Shifu focuses more on power, strength, application and Qi (energy) channeling.


There are few activities where families can train together.  In our family classes, mums and dads reminise  on the resilience of their youth that they see echoed in their children's exuberance. Their children enjoy impressing their parents with their progress and develop awe and a strong sense of security from observing their parent's application and strength.


At The Zen Studio we take the morals of Zen Buddhism very seriously. All students are required to be respectful, welcoming and supportive to each other and Shifu Heng Xuan leads by example on the suppression of egotistical behaviour (that frequently exacerbates into bullying).  


New students and students of all abilites are appreciated for their commitment to practise (gongfu) regardless of their level.

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