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Childrens Kungfu

The Chinese learn kungfu as children; they find  it makes a fantastic foundation for practising Taichi in later life!


In the meanwhile it helps children in a number of ways... they become stronger, fitter and healthier, spending less time away from school.  At school they become quite capable of defending themselves, and are not intimidated by bullies.  This can have a dramatic effect on a child's social integration and ability to apply themselves  in the classroom.  Even children who struggle with coordination or find themselves excelling in something in P.E. and bring home medals on sports day! By the time they are taking GCSEs, they have worked out that taking their frustrations in kungfu class helps their concentration and application and is a very good stress-busting technique.


The Zen Studio has a broad progamme of traditional training for children. Please call 07876 453423 to register your children for membership and introductiory courses.

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